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Posted by on Apr 30, 2016 in Cycling |

5 Reasons Why Bikes Are Amazing!

There are numerous reasons why bikes are amazing, and why cycling is not only my favorite sport, but also my favorite pastime, leisure activity, means of transportation, and I would even go so far as to say, my favorite invention ever, surpassing the wonders of Internet, smartphones and computers. However, I decided to stick with only five of these reasons, which I think are the most important, and they will certainly convince you to start engaging in some cycling yourself!


1. You Will Be Green-er!

In case you are not green, you may certainly become green if you would just start pedaling more. In addition to that, if you are recycling or using sources of renewable energy, you will certainly become even greener if you start cycling. Also, I would like to add, the majority of people who are environmentally friendly and conscious, tend to ride bikes most of their time, which also means that if you start cycling you will meet more awesome people who are like you!

2. Your Lungs Could Do Some Air

mersul-pe-bicicletaThe benefits of oxygen on your health might not be known to you, but oxygen is extremely important to your well-being. If you would like to increase the oxygen intake, my suggestion is to start doing any sort of sport, but I would particularly like to suggest cycling, because not only it is an amazing sport, but it is also good for your health and it even people who have no physical stamina or great oxygen intake to begin with can perform it safely and increase their physical endurance over time.

3. You Are Also Exercising

If you are worried that cycling is too difficult for you I would encourage you to at least try. In addition to that, it is a great form of exercise for your entire body, and as it has been previously mentioned; people of almost all ages and all levels of physical fitness can perform it equally good.


4. They Require Little To No Maintenance

Bikes require little to no maintenance. Certainly, if you want to be a professional and cycle across the globe or in a race, it may require a little bit more professional gear. However, if you are intending to cycle around the city and surrounding areas, you may not need a lot of expertise or a lot of money in order to be able to do so! In fact, I am pretty confident that over just a short period of time you will learn how to handle your bicycle and do all the repairs yourself!

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5. Then There Are Electric Bikes!

Of course, you can also use the perks of electric bikes which are absolutely amazing. They will allow people with less confidence in their physical performance still enjoy the ride and switch to electricity once they feel exhausted.


Also, with bikes you can make electricity, but we will discuss that topic in the next article. Until then, keep cycling!